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Freeing up mental health practices from the burden of administrative tasks so you can focus on your dreams and passions

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Burnout is real

And that doesn't have to be you

Let us clear your to do list

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Onboard New Clients


Insurance Verification


Insurance Claim Issues


Administrative Support

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Are you a busy mental health professional with little time and energy to focus on balancing administrative tasks and seeing clients?

  • Do you find yourself spending more time on practice management than clinical services and growing as a therapist?

  • Are you struggling with trying to figure out how to perfect the balance of seeing clients and completing administrative tasks, without burning out?

  • Do you dream about spending more time growing and working on, rather than in your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above, 

let Uplift Virtual Assistants be your helping hand.


By partnering with Uplift Virtual Assistants, you will:

  • Have more hours available to provide clinical services and refine your skills 

  • Have more time in your week for you!

  • Spend less time on the phone and internet with insurance companies

  • Spend more time mentoring and developing your staff

  • Be able to spend more time on self-care, with your family, friends, and pets 

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Virtual Assistant Services

We know that you are a busy clinician and practice owner. You started your practice to fulfill your dreams and goals and somewhere along the way you have become overwhelmed with administrative tasks. If you find yourself spending countless hours working in your practice instead of on your practice, let us be your helping hand. ​

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Client Onboarding

From the client’s first contact, we will engage supportively and empathically, reflecting the culture of your practice and creating an inviting experience. We will discuss your practice, match the client with the the right clinician, enter their information into your chosen EHR, complete insurance verification, and schedule the first appointment. A seamless introduction to your practice will help your client realize that they made the right choice in choosing your practice. Uplift Virtual Assistants' use their customer service skills in guiding clients through the onboarding process prior to their first appointment and what to expect from your practice. We also respond to potential client outreach and follow your policies regarding waitlists, referring to other practitioners, conducting new client screenings, tracking data, and retuning new client and current client phone calls/emails. 

Insurance Verification

Being an insurance based practice comes with an added layer of administrative tasks: insurance! Assisting client's in understanding their in network and out of network benefits as well as mental health coverage is sometimes an overwhelming task - let alone being able to find the time to  gather the information to provide to your prospective client! Let Uplift Virtual Assistants verify client benefits via the online portals and/or the phone. You don’t need to be on hold waiting to verify benefits. Let us do the legwork for you. We have experience in verifying deductibles, copay/coinsurance, pre-authorizations, telehealth coverage, etc. for both counseling and psychological assessment. We also have experience with preparing preauthorization that are needed for psychological testing. 

Billing Support

Have you noticed that as you grow  you have less and less time to submit invoices, track clinician billing for payroll, and complete write offs in client invoices? We know that billing is a priority for the health of your practice. We can assist you in completing tasks that are overwhelming and on which you find you are spending too much time. 

Here are tasks that we currently complete for our clients: ​

  • Submitting weekly billing

  • Reconcile Billing/Invoices

  • Invoice Write-offs

  • Client Appointment and Billing Sheets

  • Identifying missed payments

  • Following up regarding outstanding client balances

  • Verifying Employee or IC timesheets

  • Entering payments into your EHR from outside sources

Administrative Support

All mental health and wellness practices have various tasks that need to be completed to keep business running smoothly. Sometimes you might feel pulled in a million directions. Have an idea of what we can do for you? Get in touch and let's figure out how we will support you. We complete yearly HIPAA compliance training and will sign a BAA!

Here are tasks that we currently complete for our clients:

  • Create and maintain referral lists

  • Running reports in your EHR/Practice Management 

  • Following up on missing progress notes

  • Assisting in screening employee applicants for hire

  • Following up with insurance companies regarding credentialing/contracting

  • Gathering and entering data for your KPIs

Package Pricing


Our monthly packages make pricing simple. Packages also make it easy to anticipate your monthly business expenses. Each package contains a set number of dedicated hours to your practice each month. Hours do not roll over.  Your package hours can be used for any tasks and activities that you may needed assistance with. These can be one time tasks (e.g., proofreading a new policy) or recurring tasks (e.g., onboarding new clients, session billing, etc.).  If you notice that you are not using as many hours in the month to use your full package; we can brainstorm together what we can assist or complete on your behalf. Have a idea or project that has been sitting on the back burner? Let us do some of the work to help you move forward. 

Our clients receive  access to our task management system. This allows you to easily add tasks and check in on the progress of certain tasks as well as communicate about steps along the way. We provide monthly summary reports detailing the hours dedicated to each task in addition to your monthly invoice. 

Perk Up


10 Hours Per Month

1 Hour Complimentary  Onboarding



15 Hours Per Month

1 Hour Complimentary  Onboarding



20 Hours Per Month

2 Hours Complimentary  Onboarding



25 Hours Per Month

2 Hours Complimentary  Onboarding

Need more than 25 hours in a month? Reach out and ask about our BoostSuper Boost and Rocket Packages

On Hand Admin

Does this sound like you? 

I own a solo private practice that, for the most part, runs pretty smoothly. I provide outstanding clinical care. I created a practice that I love -  this includes minimal administrative work. However, at times, I become inundated and overwhelmed with administrative tasks that I do not have time for, and frankly, do not want to do. The voicemails and emails for my services are piling up and I just don't have the energy to get back to people at the end of the day. Mostly, my insurance billing goes smoothly, but there are those times when I receive claim denials or claims that have not been paid, and it needs to be followed up on - but I don't really want to - even though I know it is important. 

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • I wish I could hire someone to complete these occasional one off tasks

  • I wish I had someone, who I trusted, and who knows the mental health business, to handle these issues

  • I don't need an assistant on a monthly basis - but dang, I do need one right now!

If you saw yourself in these scenarios and questions above, you are the perfect fit for our On Hand Admin services. 

On Hand Admin Package

  • Access to Virtual Assistant Services when you need

  • 1 Hour complimentary onboarding where we will:

    • Learn your Practice and System​s

    • Gain an understanding of you, your practice, pain points, and current/future admin needs

    • Access your systems (e.g., email, EHR, insurance portals etc.) so we are ready to go

  • When you raise your hand (e.g., send us an email or give us a call) we are ready to jump in and take tasks and worries off of your plate. ​

$99 Per Month

Up to 3 hours of services in a month

If in one month you go over your hours, additional hours are $39/hour

One Time Project Pricing

Do you have a one time project that would benefit from an extra set of eyes, hands, and virtual power? Do you need an assistant for a project, but not ongoing virtual assistant services? Let us custom tailor our services to fit your needs. We would love to provide the support to get you and your project where you want to be. Contact us to set up a time to discuss your project so that we may provide a fee proposal. Examples of projects that we have completed for clients: resource library for social media posting, referral list for providers in their community (or state for telehealth),  waitlist tracking system, claims issues tracking system. 

Ready to learn more?

Let's set up a Info Call. 

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About Us

Uplift Virtual Assistants started with a common passion: mental health and wellness. Nancy and Beth met in a non profit agency while Nancy was providing administrative and front desk support in a behavioral and mental health clinic and Beth was completing her therapy practicum. They became fast friends and often joked that Nancy would provide the administrative support once Beth opened her own practice. Fast forward 12 years, Uplift Virtual Assistants is founded. From the administrative to the clinical, we understand the importance of mental health and serving your communities and ideal clients. 

Our experiences in various mental health agencies and practices have solidified our values in creating open and honest relationships with our clients.  We value the trust our clients place in us and we do our best to swiftly manage administrative tasks, interact professionally and empathically with clients and staff, and ensure practices run smoothly and efficiently.

Our goal is help support your practice by handling the administrative tasks that take a large chunk of your time. Your skills and expertise should be focused on outstanding clinical care, while our skills and expertise will be focused on supporting your practice. We can't wait to grow with you and support your visions - wherever that will take you - once you have more time!

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